Earth Aid


Earthaid is a not for profit humanitarian aid organization.  We travel anywhere in North, Central, or South America.  Earthaid selects projects where a small influence can make a big impact.  Emergency situations, storms, floods, earthquakes, etc. are considered for immediate response.  Appropriate equipment will be transported for such a project.  Children, families, communities, and people that could not control their own fate are our primary focus.  Non-emergency projects are also undertaken at our discretion.  These type of projects often entail re-construction, re-engineering, and assisting local support groups. Religion and race are not used as factors for deployment.  Distances to project, stability/safety of project country, as well as of countries that will be transversed, are used as factors for deployment. Steve loading bus for trip in Mexico

Our method of operation is similar to the Peace Corps, however, we do not stay at site for the time frames that the Peace Corps does.  We appreciate the freedom to decide on our own when and if to respond to certain emergencies, as well as the freedom to find a project (or be solicited in some cases).  We have no government affiliations and no limits or delays.  100% of our budget is spent on projects.  If products are needed for the site, they are often purchased at wholesale or below.  Then transported by us to the site. 

The Founders:

Steve Stewart and Thom Caldwell are the founders of Earthaid.

Steve is an entrepreneur and business owner with a history in the emergency medical field.  Thom is a retired Costa Mesa, CA fire captain and paramedic.  Both are mechanical and capable of most stages of construction.  Our reasoning to start Earthaid is simple:  we want to help.  We realize how far our monetary donations, skills, energy and motivation can go.  We both enjoy donating our time to good causes.  We both considered the Peace Corps, but were unwilling to donate the years required. 

Donating Time or Money:

We appreciate all donations but invest no money on soliciting them. To date, Earthaid is entirely funded by the founders. We are always looking for motivated, intelligent, preferably multi-lingual people that would like to donate their time and skills. Anyone interested in donating their time, must be able to jump with little warning, willing to work in sub-standard conditions, should be up to date on all standard Third World vaccines,  and be able to work with unknown people in unknown situations.  If this description fits you, please click on the 'contact us' symbol on this page.


Earthaid will attempt to photo-document our most recent response, or project and post it on this site. 

We are always looking for a good cause to support.  If you know of a project that fits into our parameters, please contact us with as much information as you have and we will analyze it

Delivering monitors in Mexico

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